Soft landing 

It’s pretty hard to write a piece on positivity today but I feel I must. Today I was in a car crash. There was oil on the road and we slid over some rocks, over a barbed wire fence and landed in a farmers field. It could have been a truly horrible experience but genuinely it was like falling into play sand and I didn’t even crush the pizza I was holding. 
As I walked out of the car feeling super calm yet slightly exasperated , I was hit with the adrenaline and started to shake all over. Again I could have went into massive despair and cried as I looked at our poor maz hanging over the rocks, her bumper far away and broken to pieces but instead I climbed those rocks and found 4 cars waiting to help us. In the course of an hour trying to think of what to do and trying to find a farmer I was stopped by a grand total of 34 people! A lovely couple even took me to the nearest farm and back. 
Today was horrible in some ways as we are now in quite a predicament financially but it showed me just how full of love and compassion people are. There is so much hatred and fear right now but there is so much more love. 
I have tried to think of today in the positive aspects, that we landed in the softest manner with not a scratch and I will continue to remind myself of today and the amazing people who all stopped their journeys to ask if we were ok and if they could help, every time I start to feel low. 
I ask that you send your positive thoughts to us as we try to sort through the messy times and keep us strong and I promise I will do the same for you all. 
Love always 
Mumma VB x


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