Waste not

Hi guys. I’ve been at it again with the old wood craft and thought I’d share it with you all. I’ve been really enjoying working with wood and reclaimed/recycled material. It’s great to use my brain again. 

Since I had Jax and had to quit my job I have felt a bit like I lost my purpose. I know I’m a Mumma first off but I felt like I lost my contributing factor to the family and my brain function was taking the brunt. If I don’t have a project to focus on my mind tends to wander and I start to fall back into my depression. Starting wood working and building things has seriously fuelled my fire again and I feel my brain ticking and creating things. 

I have always loved trees to the point where I cried when they cut them down outside our old flat so I feel giving any kind of wood a new purpose makes perfect sense and speaks to my inner witchy lady. Give me a Forrest and an hour and I am one happy Mumma. 

So I stumbled across this idea and I just thought I’d show you all what I made. I intend on selling these to make a wee extra money for the VB’s. Let me know what you all think and if you have any ideas on different variations then please let me know. 

I hope you all have a crafty and cosy weekend. 

Love always 

Mumma Vb xx 


Pallet mad. 

So I haven’t blogged for a while now which seems to be a running theme for my blog. I just haven’t had the urge to blog as I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. Well that’s changed. I am not going to be sticking to any one theme blog and instead I’m just going to spill stuff at you like some kind of crazy person. 

So today’s totally off topic topic is my new found fun. PALLETS! I am obsessed with wood and trees. Always have been and always will be. When we moved to our wee house in the tiny village I wanted to keep it super light and airy and filled with nature. The garden was going to be a big task but I knew I wanted to do it on a shoe string. Today I though I’d show you some cool things we have done and have planned. 

First of all look at this fantastic piece of almost finished artwork! Isn’t it magnificent! I really should have made a how to but we were 100% winging it the whole time. It was a trial of pallet creation fire. It took the guts of 2 days but we are so nearly finished, we are just waiting on a pallet delivery from our good friend. You can’t see in the picture but behind the first two seats is a wee box shelf for you to put your drinks/snacks on. If they last that long. Which they never do. Ah well guests might be better at will power than I do (totally not drinking wine and having snacks currently) 

Alright now look at this fine piece of Pinterest worthy craftsmanship. I wanted somewhere other than the floor to put unread letters and somewhere to hang my keys. The key hooks are in the post but I love it so gosh darn much I had to post it now. 

Mr VB is definitely the one who does most of the using of large equipment parts and I am the delegation and pallet breaking part. Also the crazy Idea lady who needs to back away from Pinterest. 

Making these pallet projects has been tons of fun for both of us. Usually when it comes to DIY Mr VB and I end up in a mad feud about the height of a shelf or how the handles are squint but not on this. It’s been a labour of pure love and I think it’s because we have zero instructions and we are just using our own creativity which I really need to use more. 

If anyone has any another fantastical pallet furniture ideas or requests I’m sure I can rustle something up and I will start some how to’s for all who wants/cares about them. For now I wish you all happy days and long evening sun. 

Love always,

Mumma VB x