I needed time. 

Hi everyone, this post has been a long time coming as I haven’t posted in a fair while now. I’ve been finding it very hard to practice what I’ve been preaching of late. I couldn’t get into the mind space of writing about positivity when I was crying in a heap on the floor. 

I suffer from anxiety and depression as previously touched upon and it raised its ugly head again but I’ve managed to fight them away for another day. They took the opportunity to pop up whilst I was low as I am currently going through tests for chronic pain. It’s quite difficult to keep a smile when your toddler is crying to be lifted up the stairs and you can’t physically do it. I am happy though in the fact that the doctor I am now seeing me hasn’t panned off my pain to “motherhood” and is listening and looking for the root of the problem. 

Whilst I felt so low *insert sex and the city looking out the window scene* I got to thinking, am I blogging about what I want to blog about. I feel like I need to change this blog around a bit and point it in a new direction. I still want to blog about positivity but I feel like I would be lying to myself if I didn’t blog about the bad days, the days when you want to put your toddler in the bin or want to poke that lady who mentioned your weight gain in the evil eye. 

I hope all my followers will understand and will enjoy this new change in direction. I will be more sincere and normal. No gloss. No filter just straight forward truth on the journey to trying to live a positive life. Bumps, lumps and all. 

I hope everyone’s weekend is going fantastic and you all have some kind of me time. Lord knows we all need it. 

Love always,

Mumma VB xx


A pocket full of posy

Yesterday was a bit of a low moment for the VB’s. Our car has been playing up and after replacing one part it turns out it needs a lot more work. This all became apparent after a lovely walk around Fyvie castle turned into us being stranded at Fyvie castle. 

Daddy VB’s phone was dead at home and my phone was struggling for any signal at all. Queue me panicking as I had no ones number. After many failed attempts at messaging anyone a Facebook post meant we finally got a call from our amazing mechanic friend who came to the rescue. Jax and I were picked up by a family friend but not before I was offered a lift home by 3 other friends. All would have been driving an hour to save us when we were only 20 minutes away from our own home. Whilst daddy VB stayed with the car, more amazing friends popped in to try help at the castle. 

I had a wee wobbly moment as our friend drove away after dropping us off and I was left with my own thoughts trying to get into the house with a crazy toddler. Our neighbour came over to see everything was ok. After a wee yap and then getting Jax down for a nap I was surprised with a hand picked posy of flowers and a huge hug from said neighbour. I cried my eyes out. 

Although the car may be goosed for a while our friends have rallied around us and made us all appreciate just how amazing they all are. 

When the storm clouds start gathering above you don’t let them distract you from all the beauty around you. Counting your blessings really does remind you just how blessed you are. Friends are worth more than you could ever imagine. Keep them close and don’t forget that you are a friend too and helping out with the smallest gesture could make someone’s day. 

Love always,

Mumma VB xx