Make it happen. 

Hello everyone. Previously I wrote about my goals and dreams book and today I would like to talk about the second book I mentioned, the “make it happen book” 

This book is just as important as the first but does not need to be carried around with you at all times. It’s a book for reflection and deep thought. The best way to start the writing is to buy a book duh! Make sure you buy a book that makes you want to fill its pages. A diary style book is perfect for this one as you really want to write as much as you can. 

This book is for writing about a set goal or dream you are ready to make into reality. Make sure you are ready to receive this dream fully and are willing to take the right steps to making it happen. There is little point focusing on say, a goal of moving country when you have started a new relationship that you know you want to stay to find out how it works. You are not ready to focus on that goal yet, your heart is not in it and you will always have a “but maybe” and that will skew your focus. 

When you have chosen your goal then it’s time for the most fun part, writing as if it’s happened. Write as if your recurring about a past experience with your goal, how it felt when it happened, where you were, how you looked, every single tiny detail. When you have finished writing about how it happened start with the sentence “because of this” and start writing  again. You wang to write as much as you can about it. 

For example when I wrote about moving house I wrote about receiving the confirmation letter. I wrote how I was cleaning the house at the time and Jax was eating his lunch. The letter came through the post box and I knew instantly that it was THE letter and ran to the front door. I wrote about the colour of the envelope, the stamp, the paragraphs being so short and how I ran around the house screaming and freaked out Jax. When I had finished I started the sentence “because if this” and wrote on about how moving has brought our family closer together. It has given me new prospects and ideas on a home business. I filled about 20 pages and dates it in the future, the day I wanted the letter to come through the door. It came through 2 days earlier than that date and I knew it was THE letter. I screamed for joy, Jax screamed through fear and the paragraphs were indeed very short. 

When you have filled your pages don’t think that’s you done. You may write about your goal once or you may fill an entire journal and your goal may not have come into play. If this is the case I would ask you to read over what you have written. Clues or home truths pop out as you write. I wrote about my move a year ago and I finished that first page with “I don’t want to move but I know it’s got to happen”. There was the problem right there I didn’t want to move. 

When you write you must be truly honest with yourself. If you want to gain something but are fearful that something else might transpire then write about it. Write about what would happen if it did hapoen and then write about what steps you would need to take to stop it from happening. Pretty soon you have written a game plan and you can start to climb your ladder of things needed to do to reach your goal. 

When you write, you open up to the universe and are letting it know that you are ready to receive the positive outcomes of your goals. You speak truthfully and if you focus enough attention on it you will attract the positive energy to make it happen. 

Happy writing everyone and have a wonderful, adventurous weekend. 

Love always 

Mumma VB x 


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