The goals book. 

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well this Sunday morning. I am currently in bed after having a lie in thanks to Daddy VB. Bless him for doing the 6am wake up call with Jax as I was extra tired. So seeing as I’m stuck all toasty in bed I thought it’s a perfect opportunity to get some writing done. 

I have mentioned previously about my books that I use to help me when goal writing or putting out my positivity into the world. Today I want to go into more detail about the goals book and I’ll write a piece on my “making it happen” book later. 

Whenever anyone asks me about where to start in living a positive life I always mention my dream board which I’ve written about previously and a goals journal. Now different to the dream board your goals journal can be pages upon pages of goals you wish you to achieve. I was gifted my small floral journal when I went to a girls night with my friend through the church that ran Jax playgroup. At that night they asked us to write down 5 dreams you would like to come true and since then I have filled in about 30 pages. 

First point of call in the goals journal is to have one. Go out and find something that makes you want to write in it and it will help you on your task. You can find beautiful goals journals online everywhere you turn. This beauty is only £6 in paper chase and has 3 goals per page that gives you details you can add to them and a date to do them by. 

Once you have your journal it’s time to put pen to paper. I challenged myself to write 50 goals. These were things I wanted to do achieve the most and they came from the heart. You will be surprised by how quickly you start to write and of some of the goals you write down. The first ten goals are usually quick and those are the goals I would ask you to write on your dream board as they are your clear goals you have thought of for a while so they are most important to see daily to help you achieve them as soon as possible. 

When you start to run out of quick fire goals is the interesting part, this is when your deep desires come out. Plans you think “well it won’t happen but I’ll write it down anyway” put a big old marker around those ones. When you come to look back through your journal in say a years time and those markered goals are still something you want to truly do then I’d implore you to start getting on with making them happen. These goals can be anything from having a baby or moving country but if that’s a true desire you need to get on it. These won’t go away and the universe will help you on your way. 

Keep your goals journal close to you if you can or if you can’t then start a wee notebook on your phone for when you think of something new that you can then write in later. New goals pop up all the time be it “finish the charity run” that you signed up for that day or even “visit the tea house” that you just walked past. It’s still a goal and there’s nothing more satisfying that crossing them off when you have completed them. 

Please don’t be scared to write as much as you want in them and to dream big. There is no wrong way to write a goal you just have to be willing to work for it. Your all capable of amazing things you just need to place that first pebble into your positivity pool and watch the ripple effect happen as all your goals start to be achieved. 

I hope you all have fun writing in your journals and starting your journey to leading a fully positive life. 

Love always Mumma VB x 


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