Misty mountain room

So we finally finished Jax room! It doesn’t have the soft furnishings but it’s finished and it’s wonderful. 

We went with the adventure idea and thought mountains! Pinterest is amazing for inspiration and we had decided to use rain drops and clouds but we had a paint disaster and it all got changed. 

We bought a lovely grey colour for his walls and when applied on top of the previous owners colour, it went 3 different colours. It turns out the walls weren’t just blue but 3 different shades of green/blue. Once painted one wall was brown, one was silver blue and the other green. Queue me muttering profanities under my breath like Muttley whilst praising the shed for having tons of white paint hoarded inside. 

Once the walls were white…ish I got hit with an idea and Pinterest to the rescue, helped me find exactly what I wanted. We went for the mountain idea and started a plan. The mountain idea is extra perfect as I used to sing “the misty mountains cold” from the Hobbit to Jax when he was a tiny to help him sleep and we look onto Bennachie from the house so it’s perfect. 

It started with a whole load of white paint and then painters tape. We marked out what we wanted and started to paint the grey area first. After the paint was dry I ran a marker pen along in a weird wiggly line and started to paint the blackish colour. We made the colour ourselves by mixing Johnstones black paint with some white silk we had left over. 

We then waited for it all to dry and then removed the tape from the bottom of the mountain tops and put them under the grey lines. We again mixed our own colour of snow top by mixing some sample pots with lots of white.
Once it was all dry it was the most fun part, peeling the tape off!!!! It ended up being a super fun project and Jax loves his mountains which he regularly points at and shouts “MOUNTAINS” every naptime. 

We have plans to replace Jax bed with a “big boy” bed soon but seeing as we only moved a few weeks ago, I don’t want to do too much changes to the dude too soon. 

I remember sitting in my first flat with Daddy VB looking through Pinterest and creating my “dream home” board. It was full of silly ideas and it felt like when you were little and you circled every single item in the Argos catalogue as your santa list. You know your never going to have it but it’s fun to dream. Little did I know that I would be creating one of the ideas I pinned all those years ago for my perfect little boy. 

Remember to dream big, focus on that dream and make it a reality. There is nothing stopping you apart from you. Be creative and above all else, have fun. 

Love always, 

Mumma VB xx 


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