Just breathe 

It’s been a tough wee time at VB Hq lately. As someone who struggles daily with anxiety and depression, positive thinking didn’t happen naturally for me. It took a long time, about 10 years in fact to find what I was looking for. I have had depression since I was 14 but only diagnosed with anxiety last year. It’s a constant factor in my every day to day life but with positive thinking I can always see the light bursting through the other side. 

The main thing that has helped me on my journey of positivity is writing. I try to write a journal everyday but it wasn’t working for me so I took to blogging and it has made me feel empowered to say the least. I still write in my goals journal and my “write it down and make it happen” book that pushes me to achieve something from everyday. Be it little steps towards a big goal or finding a new goal altogether. 

I’ve been a bit deflated of late but I feel this is with so much change happening I’m a bit overwhelmed. When this happens it’s a perfect time to take a break and concentrate on the now rather than the future. I find meditating on the things I have achieved and I am grateful for always helps me to ground myself again. 

Meditating isn’t sat there leg crossed omming away to yourself. Meditating comes in many forms, someone might pray and someone like myself writes a list but it’s the focus that is the meditating. Contemplating and relaxation is key and let your mind wander. If your mind wonders to a “bad” thought, try not to let it grow but to visualise putting that problem in a bubble. Now focus on what is the problem, why it’s a problem and then come up with a plan as to how to fix it. For example when my problem was my anxiety I thought about what was flaring my anxiety, it was my neighbours so the solution is to speak with them or move. The bubble in my head then shrunk as I have a plan. After executing the “speak with them plan” which did not work, I knew then that my only solution was to move. Bubble is now tiny as from this problem I now have a goal and a goal that will only be positive. From that problem I could then mediate on the positive of moving home, making a change and making space for the changes I needed. 

Try to mediate everyday if you can. It can be two minutes a day just breathing and allowing your brain to rest for a moment. I usually do mines just before bed and literally count my blessings. 

Jax is currently in bed singing about raisins so I must sign off now. Please let me know if your finding meditating beneficial and your own techniques. 

Love always, Mumma VB x 


2 thoughts on “Just breathe 

  1. This is a brave post which is also extremely helpful! I agree with you when a lot of good things happen at the one time, the changes can be initially overwhelming and often we can feel lower, which doesn’t seem logical given most of the time changes are for the better! I like the idea of freezing the problem in a bubble, giving yourself time to breathe and then rationalise it. I find yoga helps me find my quiet space, colouring or just going back to bed with a cup of coffee and thinking about everything I’m thankful for 🙂 thank you for sharing. Xxx

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    1. Thanks so much lovely 😊 I’m glad you found something beneficial from it. I must try get back into yoga as it’s brilliant for clearing your head. All that breathing made me dizzy last time, oxygen high! Xx

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