Make this house a home

It’s finally time to start doing up the VB abode. This is the part I was most excited about but I obviously forgot that I am the most indecisive person ever. We currently have 5 swatches of different colours of beige on the wall. They all look near enough the same but I still can’t decide. 

On to the other indecision is the painting/staining of all our wooden furniture. It’s currently all Mexican pine and I am torn between a white wash antique which it turns it almost grey or a dark stain that’s all sanded off and makes it look old and actually used. So many decisions! 

I managed to take the plunge and decide on a sofa that is going to be the best for us a family. The previous sofa was super comfy but huge. It also gave zero back support. We have bought the Ikea ektorp sofa which is an actual dream for anyone with kids. The slip cover and all covers are fully washable. This is perfec for someone like myself who loves to clean. The covers are also available to purchase separately so if Jax did decide to do an art piece on the sofa and ruins the thing, the sofa is still usable. 

I can finally see parts of my goal diary coming to play in the house. The shed has big plans and the garden will be transformed come spring but for now the kitchen and bathroom need a huge overhaul. The old flat didn’t have a bath and our house doesn’t either. I LOVE a bath and it’s my number one change to the house. Tomorrow I get to find out if that will happen. 

Little changes to your home can really change how you see it. Adding plants will always make you happier in your home and having less clutter clears your mind. If your feeling stressed by your home then clearing your space will do wonders. Seeing a table full of things you need to do/clear away is only going to stress your head even more. Make breathing space. 

Love always Mumma VB x  


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