When the going gets tough…

Today has been tough going and it’s not even 14:00 but as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and I am one very tough cookie. 

The tough times started at 12:00 am this morning as Jax has not slept through the night since we moved here. I think it may be a combination af many things creating one perfect “I’m awake” storm but I have confidence it will pass. Either that or I’m going to eBay chloroform and hope for the best. When we finally gave in and we started the morning Jax was less than impressed about everything so I knew come hell or high water that we were getting out of this house today. Clearly someone heard the “high water” bit so off we went in the rain to look about Oldmeldrum. We finally found the Dr surgery and met our neighbours from both sides at the same time. All whilst Jax screamed blue murder as he was freezing but wanted to play. 

Queue the tough gets tougher part of the day. Jax is currently sleeping (finally) so I am using this time to de stress, do some blogging, some writing and research on fun things to do around here for Jax and I. No matter how positive you make your life sometimes you have to take a deep breath and call the day for what it is. Crap. Then you analyse the day, figure out what aspects you could have changed to make it less crap and you work on getting through the next day putting those changes into effect. 

I hope everyone’s day is filled with adventures and goal kicking achievements. I also hope that I haven’t imbedded the song “going gets tough” into everyone’s heads like I have done to myself. It’s not even the good version it’s boyzone. Oh dear. 

Love Mumma VB x


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