Our first adventure.

Today was the start of the VB’s going on adventures. The simple pleasure of getting up in the morning and leaving for fun rather than being cooped up inside with little options is amazing. We grabbed a picnic, some cosy clothes and headed off to Macduff aquarium. 

The journey was great fun with the wee dude head banging in the back to kiss whilst munching on some raisins. That lasted about 20 mins before he was soundo and snoring away. Country air and a smooth drive makes for a very sleepy toddler. 

When we arrived at Macduff aquarium we were talking to the desk lady and who should appear but my good friend Claire, Scott and their wee munchkin Angus. They too live in Oldmeldrum and made the day extra perfect. 

The wee ones had a great day running around seeing all the fishes and Jax was super impressed with….3 steps. All the fish there and the kids were obsessed with climbing the stairs. At least they were having fun? 

The day was perfect with a wee picnic in the car in front of the sea. The simple pleasures in life really are the best. Being outside in the fresh air and making memories is more precious and beneficial to your being than any new piece of clothing or bought “thing” to live in your house will ever be. 

Start now and start an adventure. Go alone or with friends but be outside. Make memories and be happy. 

Love always Mumma VB x


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