Back in business. 

I finally have a spare moment! Woohoo! It’s been a while with all the craziness going on that I’ve had time to sit and write but i finally have a moment to myself to update on all the positive malarkey happening here.

We had some pretty last minute news that we had to move a whole day earlier than expected which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As much as it was a bit of a stress jamming all the last pieces that the van couldn’t take into the car, the drive in the dark was really fun. We got lost for all about 10 mins and country roads all look the same. Not helpful. 

We spent the first hours in our new home frantically building a crib and bumping up and down the stairs with Jax as this is his new favourite thing to do. Stairs are all new to the wee dude. With no where to even sit we went to bed early and started very early thanks to an overly excited Jax. 

The fact we got up and started putting things into place before even 6am meant that by 6pm the whole house was box free. Such a good feeling to get us all back into our routines.

The house is wonderful and every morning as I make breakfast I watch the birds come down and scoff all the seeds from our bird feeder. In the old flat they cut down all the trees surrounding the garden and I missed the sound of leaves and birds so much. 

We still have quite a road of decorating ahead of us but that’s the fun bit. We have already planned lots of adventures with our country living pals and have visitors all weekend. 

I shall work hard this week on writing on how we can make living here even better and start the steps to making this house our wonderful home. We have received so much in just 2 months that if no more goals were to be scored off our dream board we couldn’t complain one bit. A new house, driving license and car. We have aced this year already. 

I urge everyone to write a list of all the goals you wish to achieve and start getting them done. It’s amazing how things will fall into place just from writing and putting what you want out into the universe.

Love Mumma VB x   


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