Misty mountain room

So we finally finished Jax room! It doesn’t have the soft furnishings but it’s finished and it’s wonderful. 

We went with the adventure idea and thought mountains! Pinterest is amazing for inspiration and we had decided to use rain drops and clouds but we had a paint disaster and it all got changed. 

We bought a lovely grey colour for his walls and when applied on top of the previous owners colour, it went 3 different colours. It turns out the walls weren’t just blue but 3 different shades of green/blue. Once painted one wall was brown, one was silver blue and the other green. Queue me muttering profanities under my breath like Muttley whilst praising the shed for having tons of white paint hoarded inside. 

Once the walls were white…ish I got hit with an idea and Pinterest to the rescue, helped me find exactly what I wanted. We went for the mountain idea and started a plan. The mountain idea is extra perfect as I used to sing “the misty mountains cold” from the Hobbit to Jax when he was a tiny to help him sleep and we look onto Bennachie from the house so it’s perfect. 

It started with a whole load of white paint and then painters tape. We marked out what we wanted and started to paint the grey area first. After the paint was dry I ran a marker pen along in a weird wiggly line and started to paint the blackish colour. We made the colour ourselves by mixing Johnstones black paint with some white silk we had left over. 

We then waited for it all to dry and then removed the tape from the bottom of the mountain tops and put them under the grey lines. We again mixed our own colour of snow top by mixing some sample pots with lots of white.
Once it was all dry it was the most fun part, peeling the tape off!!!! It ended up being a super fun project and Jax loves his mountains which he regularly points at and shouts “MOUNTAINS” every naptime. 

We have plans to replace Jax bed with a “big boy” bed soon but seeing as we only moved a few weeks ago, I don’t want to do too much changes to the dude too soon. 

I remember sitting in my first flat with Daddy VB looking through Pinterest and creating my “dream home” board. It was full of silly ideas and it felt like when you were little and you circled every single item in the Argos catalogue as your santa list. You know your never going to have it but it’s fun to dream. Little did I know that I would be creating one of the ideas I pinned all those years ago for my perfect little boy. 

Remember to dream big, focus on that dream and make it a reality. There is nothing stopping you apart from you. Be creative and above all else, have fun. 

Love always, 

Mumma VB xx 


Just breathe 

It’s been a tough wee time at VB Hq lately. As someone who struggles daily with anxiety and depression, positive thinking didn’t happen naturally for me. It took a long time, about 10 years in fact to find what I was looking for. I have had depression since I was 14 but only diagnosed with anxiety last year. It’s a constant factor in my every day to day life but with positive thinking I can always see the light bursting through the other side. 

The main thing that has helped me on my journey of positivity is writing. I try to write a journal everyday but it wasn’t working for me so I took to blogging and it has made me feel empowered to say the least. I still write in my goals journal and my “write it down and make it happen” book that pushes me to achieve something from everyday. Be it little steps towards a big goal or finding a new goal altogether. 

I’ve been a bit deflated of late but I feel this is with so much change happening I’m a bit overwhelmed. When this happens it’s a perfect time to take a break and concentrate on the now rather than the future. I find meditating on the things I have achieved and I am grateful for always helps me to ground myself again. 

Meditating isn’t sat there leg crossed omming away to yourself. Meditating comes in many forms, someone might pray and someone like myself writes a list but it’s the focus that is the meditating. Contemplating and relaxation is key and let your mind wander. If your mind wonders to a “bad” thought, try not to let it grow but to visualise putting that problem in a bubble. Now focus on what is the problem, why it’s a problem and then come up with a plan as to how to fix it. For example when my problem was my anxiety I thought about what was flaring my anxiety, it was my neighbours so the solution is to speak with them or move. The bubble in my head then shrunk as I have a plan. After executing the “speak with them plan” which did not work, I knew then that my only solution was to move. Bubble is now tiny as from this problem I now have a goal and a goal that will only be positive. From that problem I could then mediate on the positive of moving home, making a change and making space for the changes I needed. 

Try to mediate everyday if you can. It can be two minutes a day just breathing and allowing your brain to rest for a moment. I usually do mines just before bed and literally count my blessings. 

Jax is currently in bed singing about raisins so I must sign off now. Please let me know if your finding meditating beneficial and your own techniques. 

Love always, Mumma VB x 

Make this house a home

It’s finally time to start doing up the VB abode. This is the part I was most excited about but I obviously forgot that I am the most indecisive person ever. We currently have 5 swatches of different colours of beige on the wall. They all look near enough the same but I still can’t decide. 

On to the other indecision is the painting/staining of all our wooden furniture. It’s currently all Mexican pine and I am torn between a white wash antique which it turns it almost grey or a dark stain that’s all sanded off and makes it look old and actually used. So many decisions! 

I managed to take the plunge and decide on a sofa that is going to be the best for us a family. The previous sofa was super comfy but huge. It also gave zero back support. We have bought the Ikea ektorp sofa which is an actual dream for anyone with kids. The slip cover and all covers are fully washable. This is perfec for someone like myself who loves to clean. The covers are also available to purchase separately so if Jax did decide to do an art piece on the sofa and ruins the thing, the sofa is still usable. 

I can finally see parts of my goal diary coming to play in the house. The shed has big plans and the garden will be transformed come spring but for now the kitchen and bathroom need a huge overhaul. The old flat didn’t have a bath and our house doesn’t either. I LOVE a bath and it’s my number one change to the house. Tomorrow I get to find out if that will happen. 

Little changes to your home can really change how you see it. Adding plants will always make you happier in your home and having less clutter clears your mind. If your feeling stressed by your home then clearing your space will do wonders. Seeing a table full of things you need to do/clear away is only going to stress your head even more. Make breathing space. 

Love always Mumma VB x  

When the going gets tough…

Today has been tough going and it’s not even 14:00 but as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and I am one very tough cookie. 

The tough times started at 12:00 am this morning as Jax has not slept through the night since we moved here. I think it may be a combination af many things creating one perfect “I’m awake” storm but I have confidence it will pass. Either that or I’m going to eBay chloroform and hope for the best. When we finally gave in and we started the morning Jax was less than impressed about everything so I knew come hell or high water that we were getting out of this house today. Clearly someone heard the “high water” bit so off we went in the rain to look about Oldmeldrum. We finally found the Dr surgery and met our neighbours from both sides at the same time. All whilst Jax screamed blue murder as he was freezing but wanted to play. 

Queue the tough gets tougher part of the day. Jax is currently sleeping (finally) so I am using this time to de stress, do some blogging, some writing and research on fun things to do around here for Jax and I. No matter how positive you make your life sometimes you have to take a deep breath and call the day for what it is. Crap. Then you analyse the day, figure out what aspects you could have changed to make it less crap and you work on getting through the next day putting those changes into effect. 

I hope everyone’s day is filled with adventures and goal kicking achievements. I also hope that I haven’t imbedded the song “going gets tough” into everyone’s heads like I have done to myself. It’s not even the good version it’s boyzone. Oh dear. 

Love Mumma VB x

Our first adventure.

Today was the start of the VB’s going on adventures. The simple pleasure of getting up in the morning and leaving for fun rather than being cooped up inside with little options is amazing. We grabbed a picnic, some cosy clothes and headed off to Macduff aquarium. 

The journey was great fun with the wee dude head banging in the back to kiss whilst munching on some raisins. That lasted about 20 mins before he was soundo and snoring away. Country air and a smooth drive makes for a very sleepy toddler. 

When we arrived at Macduff aquarium we were talking to the desk lady and who should appear but my good friend Claire, Scott and their wee munchkin Angus. They too live in Oldmeldrum and made the day extra perfect. 

The wee ones had a great day running around seeing all the fishes and Jax was super impressed with….3 steps. All the fish there and the kids were obsessed with climbing the stairs. At least they were having fun? 

The day was perfect with a wee picnic in the car in front of the sea. The simple pleasures in life really are the best. Being outside in the fresh air and making memories is more precious and beneficial to your being than any new piece of clothing or bought “thing” to live in your house will ever be. 

Start now and start an adventure. Go alone or with friends but be outside. Make memories and be happy. 

Love always Mumma VB x

Back in business. 

I finally have a spare moment! Woohoo! It’s been a while with all the craziness going on that I’ve had time to sit and write but i finally have a moment to myself to update on all the positive malarkey happening here.

We had some pretty last minute news that we had to move a whole day earlier than expected which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As much as it was a bit of a stress jamming all the last pieces that the van couldn’t take into the car, the drive in the dark was really fun. We got lost for all about 10 mins and country roads all look the same. Not helpful. 

We spent the first hours in our new home frantically building a crib and bumping up and down the stairs with Jax as this is his new favourite thing to do. Stairs are all new to the wee dude. With no where to even sit we went to bed early and started very early thanks to an overly excited Jax. 

The fact we got up and started putting things into place before even 6am meant that by 6pm the whole house was box free. Such a good feeling to get us all back into our routines.

The house is wonderful and every morning as I make breakfast I watch the birds come down and scoff all the seeds from our bird feeder. In the old flat they cut down all the trees surrounding the garden and I missed the sound of leaves and birds so much. 

We still have quite a road of decorating ahead of us but that’s the fun bit. We have already planned lots of adventures with our country living pals and have visitors all weekend. 

I shall work hard this week on writing on how we can make living here even better and start the steps to making this house our wonderful home. We have received so much in just 2 months that if no more goals were to be scored off our dream board we couldn’t complain one bit. A new house, driving license and car. We have aced this year already. 

I urge everyone to write a list of all the goals you wish to achieve and start getting them done. It’s amazing how things will fall into place just from writing and putting what you want out into the universe.

Love Mumma VB x