Nearly there! 

The move is so nearly here! We are all so excited. We were given the news yesterday that the move date has had to be moved forward due to the removal van being booked out on Saturday. This was a bit of a spanner in the works as all the VB’s have been hit with a bug and I was the last one to be hit. I am the only one able to do the packing as Daddy VB is working hard so that’s a few days of no packing having to be condensed into 1 and a half days. 

I am staying truly positive about the situation though and trusting that the change of schedule is going to work out for the better. Sometimes things change and it can seem scary when you have organised and planned so much around it but trust that no matter what happens, you will make it through and that it is only a slight bend in a road. If anything it’s making your road more of an adventure. 

Now to start this new adventure with food. Getting over this bug has made me super hungry. 

Love Mumma VB x 


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