Busy being busy. 

I’m super late in posting this blog piece but there has been so much going on of late I have been non stop so here’s a wee update. 

Since we got the move to the new house it’s been a bit chaotic in the VB residence with packing and clearing whilst trying to juggle keeping the wee dude entertained. Box forts and Cheerios have been the savour of late. As someone who absolutely hates clutter and mess it has been really hard and I am trying to prepare for it to get harder as we enter the very last few days of living here. 

The main saviour however is that Daddy VB has his new car. Super happy to have the freedom of driving around to get things rather than waiting days for delivery. He’s still new to the whole car thing but it’s been brilliant. The joy we will have driving away from here to our new home will be incredible. I’m so excited! It really is the simple things like being able to get a food shop on our first day in our new house that makes all the difference. 

Unfortunately there is a tummy bug in the VB house just now which seen me up at 12:20 am on my birthday with the wee dude and now has struck Daddy VB. A wee dent in the road but we always stay positive and don’t focus on the bad. 

I intend to write a big “write it down and make it happen” piece asap but for now the wee one wriggles and I have to go disinfect a bathroom. 

Sending healthy vibes to you all!

Love Mumma VB. 


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