He only went and passed! 

Hi everyone. If you have read my previous posts it speaks about a dream board. Our dream board is a huge chalkboard painted wall with all our goals for the future written on it. One of our main goals was to move home which we do on Saturday next week! The other main one was for daddy VB to pass his driving test which he knocked out of the park today. 

Yesterday I spoke with Daddy VB and he was being a bit negative about it all in his nervousness. We went to the dream board and we changed our goal from pass driving test to pass driving test tomorrow. I then starting writing in my book about how Daddy VB had passed his test. I wrote about how amazing it felt, how I clapped a lot and how funny his post of Facebook was. 

Today as I was dressing Jax for swimming lessons I started clapping. I got all giddy and excited and I could tell he passed. So much so I was shouting at my phone “hurray up and call me!!” I just knew he passed. We left the house for swimming with still no phone call but half way there we got the best news that he passed.

This is huge for the making of the rest of the goals on the board. The VB’s are going to finally be able to go on proper adventures and it will will make the move to the country so much easier. 

The power of positivity is incredible. The start to the VB’s year has been awesome and it’s not even February yet. I send love and positivity to everyone with the biggest grin ever. 

Love mumma VB. 


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