We’re moving!

We have finally found our house and have received confirmation that we can move! I cannot describe how happy we all are right now.

The VB’s are off to live in sleepy Oldmeldrum. We will have a garden, no above neighbours and daddy VB will finally have his shedio. We couldn’t be happier. 

For a few months we have spoken about how we needed to move and exactly what it is that we wanted in the move. Recently I have been writing about our home in great detail. How it feels, what we will do there, where it is and slowly these all came to be real. We found the house I wrote about in the location we wanted and it felt perfect. Whilst waiting for the confirmation that we could move I started writing about our moving day. How we received the letter and packed everything in super quick time. How I flipped our neighbours the bird as we drove away holding onto my goldfish like a crazy fish mum. Today we received that letter and today I could burst with excitement. 

Positivity breeds positivity. We are confident that we will love our new home and that this another step into making our dream board complete. 

Love mumma VB. 


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