Out with the old.

In preparation for the big changes we have set ourselves on our dream board, I have been clearing out everything we no longer need. I have always hated mess. If I’m surrounded in mess my head gets all foggy and I can’t concentrate, I can feel my mood shift and I start to get lazy. Since moving a year ago I vowed to have a place for everything and if it didn’t then it was to be sold or given to charity. I have been very pretty good at keeping to that but since Christmas it has really driven me to be extra ruthless.

I started out in the bedroom clearing 2 bins bags worth of rubbish and 2 for charity. How I even had that many socks is beyond me and pairs upon pairs of tights with holy feet. I even found a box of nipple tassels from my burlesque days almost 10 years ago. It took an age but it’s finally finished. Today I tackled the living room cabinets and cleared another bag of rubbish and a very full recycling bin. 

One of our main goals for this year is to move home and I feel that clearing everything that we wouldn’t need with us on our new journey will help to steer our positive energy into the direction we desire. We are showing the universe that we are ready for this move and are being pro active in allowing it to happen. If you start the momentum of change it is easy to keep going, it is the first push of defining what you want and making a plan that is the hardest hurdle to overcome. It all starts with a pen and paper and writing down your dreams, no matter how crazy they are it doesn’t matter just know that you can achieve it. We are all made to do great things. 

Love mumma VB. 


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