Start from the beginning.

So this is my first blog piece. Queue chattering teeth noise. I had written out my first piece ready to post today but after the events of this morning I thought I’d just write from the heart with no pre thought.

Not too long ago I was In a horrible place. I felt I needed a change but I had no idea where to start or what I wanted and then I stumbled into a completely new outlook on everything. It started with little signs. I came across a picture of some books in my friend Nikki’s new home which were all about making your goals a reality and I was inspired. I was then invited to a dinner by my dear friend Jesse where a room full of exceptionally talented women spoke about “daring to dream” I was gifted a wee book to write my dreams into and a darling piece of wood with the words “Dare to dream” on it. They spoke of having faith in yourself and that we are all made to do great things.

Since that day daddy VB and I started a dream board in the vb kitchen where we write down all of our dreams. It is there for us to see every single day and because of this these are no longer dreams they are plans. Each one has a plan and has started to take shape.  I have also read the book “write it done and make it happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser. It has been a great read and inspired me to start this blog which has been written in my dare to dream book since before Christmas.

Since starting the plan of the blog I have received an amazing amount of support and advice from truly amazing people which I thank from the bottom of my heart. Also when I wrote the piece I was going to post, last night in my draft book, I wrote that I had 106 followers trying to bring out positivity. I have 122! What is that! I haven’t even blogged yet. Well now I have.

This blog will be here to inspire everyone to start to think positive and to show our journey of our adventures. I promise there will be no more crazy long posts and plenty of super cute photos of Jax and our adventures.

In memory of Great Granda Leonard Anderson who passed this morning.

Love mumma VB.


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