Nearly there! 

The move is so nearly here! We are all so excited. We were given the news yesterday that the move date has had to be moved forward due to the removal van being booked out on Saturday. This was a bit of a spanner in the works as all the VB’s have been hit with a bug and I was the last one to be hit. I am the only one able to do the packing as Daddy VB is working hard so that’s a few days of no packing having to be condensed into 1 and a half days. 

I am staying truly positive about the situation though and trusting that the change of schedule is going to work out for the better. Sometimes things change and it can seem scary when you have organised and planned so much around it but trust that no matter what happens, you will make it through and that it is only a slight bend in a road. If anything it’s making your road more of an adventure. 

Now to start this new adventure with food. Getting over this bug has made me super hungry. 

Love Mumma VB x 


Busy being busy. 

I’m super late in posting this blog piece but there has been so much going on of late I have been non stop so here’s a wee update. 

Since we got the move to the new house it’s been a bit chaotic in the VB residence with packing and clearing whilst trying to juggle keeping the wee dude entertained. Box forts and Cheerios have been the savour of late. As someone who absolutely hates clutter and mess it has been really hard and I am trying to prepare for it to get harder as we enter the very last few days of living here. 

The main saviour however is that Daddy VB has his new car. Super happy to have the freedom of driving around to get things rather than waiting days for delivery. He’s still new to the whole car thing but it’s been brilliant. The joy we will have driving away from here to our new home will be incredible. I’m so excited! It really is the simple things like being able to get a food shop on our first day in our new house that makes all the difference. 

Unfortunately there is a tummy bug in the VB house just now which seen me up at 12:20 am on my birthday with the wee dude and now has struck Daddy VB. A wee dent in the road but we always stay positive and don’t focus on the bad. 

I intend to write a big “write it down and make it happen” piece asap but for now the wee one wriggles and I have to go disinfect a bathroom. 

Sending healthy vibes to you all!

Love Mumma VB. 

He only went and passed! 

Hi everyone. If you have read my previous posts it speaks about a dream board. Our dream board is a huge chalkboard painted wall with all our goals for the future written on it. One of our main goals was to move home which we do on Saturday next week! The other main one was for daddy VB to pass his driving test which he knocked out of the park today. 

Yesterday I spoke with Daddy VB and he was being a bit negative about it all in his nervousness. We went to the dream board and we changed our goal from pass driving test to pass driving test tomorrow. I then starting writing in my book about how Daddy VB had passed his test. I wrote about how amazing it felt, how I clapped a lot and how funny his post of Facebook was. 

Today as I was dressing Jax for swimming lessons I started clapping. I got all giddy and excited and I could tell he passed. So much so I was shouting at my phone “hurray up and call me!!” I just knew he passed. We left the house for swimming with still no phone call but half way there we got the best news that he passed.

This is huge for the making of the rest of the goals on the board. The VB’s are going to finally be able to go on proper adventures and it will will make the move to the country so much easier. 

The power of positivity is incredible. The start to the VB’s year has been awesome and it’s not even February yet. I send love and positivity to everyone with the biggest grin ever. 

Love mumma VB. 

Motto to live by 

Recently I have found signs and quotes to be quite helpful to inspire me when I am feeling down or in need of some inspiration. I have always said my motto in life is “build a bridge and get over it”. Whether I intend to build that bridge after I cross is completely up to me but it is the crossing over and making physical or emotional steps to “get over” it that is the main focus. 

I have also noticed that I use the word “grow” a lot. Be it growth in myself as a person, my dreams and goals or actually growing real things. When we move I have great plans to be surrounded in plants and gardens. The growing of anything from cress or a super simple cactus is beneficial for everyone. 

Do you have any inspirational quotes or sayings that get you through tough times? I have always loved the famous words from Bill and Ted. “Be excellent to each other” If everyone was a bit more excellent to one another then the world would be way less bogus. 

Party on dudes! 

It’s not always roses

Today Mr VB and myself went to say our final goodbyes to his grandad who sadly passed away to lung cancer. It was a beautiful ceremony and was filled with many family and friends. Although it was hard to say goodbye, hearing about his wonderful life made today beautiful. 

He was a Gordon highlander for 22 years and went all the over the world. He brought up 5 amazing children and had a wonderful life full of amazing adventures. His story will help inspire us both to keep making happy memories. To have as many adventures as he did and to always work hard for what we believe in. 

RIP grandad Leonard. We love you dearly. 

We’re moving!

We have finally found our house and have received confirmation that we can move! I cannot describe how happy we all are right now.

The VB’s are off to live in sleepy Oldmeldrum. We will have a garden, no above neighbours and daddy VB will finally have his shedio. We couldn’t be happier. 

For a few months we have spoken about how we needed to move and exactly what it is that we wanted in the move. Recently I have been writing about our home in great detail. How it feels, what we will do there, where it is and slowly these all came to be real. We found the house I wrote about in the location we wanted and it felt perfect. Whilst waiting for the confirmation that we could move I started writing about our moving day. How we received the letter and packed everything in super quick time. How I flipped our neighbours the bird as we drove away holding onto my goldfish like a crazy fish mum. Today we received that letter and today I could burst with excitement. 

Positivity breeds positivity. We are confident that we will love our new home and that this another step into making our dream board complete. 

Love mumma VB. 

Out with the old.

In preparation for the big changes we have set ourselves on our dream board, I have been clearing out everything we no longer need. I have always hated mess. If I’m surrounded in mess my head gets all foggy and I can’t concentrate, I can feel my mood shift and I start to get lazy. Since moving a year ago I vowed to have a place for everything and if it didn’t then it was to be sold or given to charity. I have been very pretty good at keeping to that but since Christmas it has really driven me to be extra ruthless.

I started out in the bedroom clearing 2 bins bags worth of rubbish and 2 for charity. How I even had that many socks is beyond me and pairs upon pairs of tights with holy feet. I even found a box of nipple tassels from my burlesque days almost 10 years ago. It took an age but it’s finally finished. Today I tackled the living room cabinets and cleared another bag of rubbish and a very full recycling bin. 

One of our main goals for this year is to move home and I feel that clearing everything that we wouldn’t need with us on our new journey will help to steer our positive energy into the direction we desire. We are showing the universe that we are ready for this move and are being pro active in allowing it to happen. If you start the momentum of change it is easy to keep going, it is the first push of defining what you want and making a plan that is the hardest hurdle to overcome. It all starts with a pen and paper and writing down your dreams, no matter how crazy they are it doesn’t matter just know that you can achieve it. We are all made to do great things. 

Love mumma VB. 

Start from the beginning.

So this is my first blog piece. Queue chattering teeth noise. I had written out my first piece ready to post today but after the events of this morning I thought I’d just write from the heart with no pre thought.

Not too long ago I was In a horrible place. I felt I needed a change but I had no idea where to start or what I wanted and then I stumbled into a completely new outlook on everything. It started with little signs. I came across a picture of some books in my friend Nikki’s new home which were all about making your goals a reality and I was inspired. I was then invited to a dinner by my dear friend Jesse where a room full of exceptionally talented women spoke about “daring to dream” I was gifted a wee book to write my dreams into and a darling piece of wood with the words “Dare to dream” on it. They spoke of having faith in yourself and that we are all made to do great things.

Since that day daddy VB and I started a dream board in the vb kitchen where we write down all of our dreams. It is there for us to see every single day and because of this these are no longer dreams they are plans. Each one has a plan and has started to take shape.  I have also read the book “write it done and make it happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser. It has been a great read and inspired me to start this blog which has been written in my dare to dream book since before Christmas.

Since starting the plan of the blog I have received an amazing amount of support and advice from truly amazing people which I thank from the bottom of my heart. Also when I wrote the piece I was going to post, last night in my draft book, I wrote that I had 106 followers trying to bring out positivity. I have 122! What is that! I haven’t even blogged yet. Well now I have.

This blog will be here to inspire everyone to start to think positive and to show our journey of our adventures. I promise there will be no more crazy long posts and plenty of super cute photos of Jax and our adventures.

In memory of Great Granda Leonard Anderson who passed this morning.

Love mumma VB.